An automatic traffic accident detection and notification mechanism is very important to help drivers in case of an accident and to provide on-time medical assistance. Besides the efforts from built-in systems inside the vehicles from major companies there are a number of mobile applications that claims to provide such services.

These apps can record the accident, can send a picture and other relevant information to the accident assistance and to the other responsible authorities. Therefore, these apps must be carefully chosen and must be double checked that they work fine. A survey of both Android and iOS application repositories for applications promoting road safety, showed that only few applications have high ratings and positive user.


is a safety increase application but mainly used by the users for recording video of the journey and GPS tracking. SaveDrives also claims to provide a SaveDrives emergency service which with the help of built in accelerometer will detect serious accident and will inform the user’s family and friends.

SaveDrives records the images in front of the vehicle, saves the video of the whole drives on your smartphone and reaches out in case of an accident.Mashbeats-app1

SaveDrives offers 4 functions in one:

  • Record your driveA
  • Map your drive
  • Browse your drives
  • Call out for help (Please learn, before using, how it works)

“If you are OK you can press the I’M OK button to stop the countdown. If you want to talk to the emergency center, just press the button CALL 911. If you are unable to respond because you are seriously injured, after the countdown SaveDrives automatically sends an eCall SOS mail to the email addresses that you have entered in the Settings screen and an SOS Tweet to your followers if you selected this option in the Settings screen. The eCall SOS mail contains your location on a map, an instruction to immediately alert the emergency center and the video fragment of the last 5 seconds prior to the accident. This allows people to make a proper judgement of your situation and send the appropriate help.”

Image credit:  SaveDrives

Sprint Drive FirstMashbeats-app3

Sprint Drive First is an application mainly focusing on driver’s assistance. It automatically detects when users are driving, silences phone, and auto-replies to texts and calls. It does not detect any accident or initiate calls in case of accidents.

Top features includes automatically detects when you’re driving and locks your phone. No buttons to push-the app does all the work. You can your top 3 “Driving Apps” (like maps, navigation, or music). And also your “VIP Contacts” (like your family or boss) who you can still contact or can still contact you. It also tells everyone else you’re on the road and driving safely, through automatic text replies. Can Enables calls through your Bluetooth or other hands-free devices.

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WreckCheck is an auto accident checklist and mobile app that guides the users through essential steps to consider following an accident. The app uses mobile device’s location service, audio recorder and camera to document the accident. Although the app is presented by National Association of Insurance Commissioners ( to help claims of the insurance, it ignores a number of properties such as considering the on-board sensor’s data etc.

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