The US Geological Survey reported a 7.5 magnitude earthquake while other sources reported a magnitude of 8.1 near Feyzabad, Afghanistan and Northern areas of Pakistan . The earthquake was felt across the region, including in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan and also parts of India.

The FACEBOOK Safety Check did an incredible job by helping millions of people informing them about their beloved family and friends in the affected areas.

The Safety Check will let your friends and family whether you are safe or not if you’re near a natural disaster, users can also check if their friends are safe or no.

Its working is simply following three basic steps:

Check notification: If it looks like you may be near a natural disaster, we’ll ask if you’re safe.

Say You’re Safe : If you’re OK, click or tap the “I’m Safe” button to let friends and loved ones know right away.

Check on Others: We’ll let you know when friends say they’re safe. You can also check a list of friends who may be affected by the disaster.

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