This Tech startup Gemio has a brilliant idea for Friendship. They designed a bracelet that will light up with a customizable gem collections. The Gems are not only customisable but also they can change colour with the dress to create that sparkling match. They are completely controlled wirelessly with an App.  Friends will be able to synchronize the colours to find the perfect friendship.

“Say it with Lights:  Change how your bracelet looks and behaves depending on who you’re with and what you’re doing: from understated accents to eye-catching sparkle.”


The Bracelt is controlled by an app that can change the colour on the go.

One of the big claim is the wireless charging. Well, we have heard wireless charging from cell phone companies but for bracelets this will be quite an interesting feature to charge wirelessly.

The app that controls the functions of the bracelet is called “Gemio Design Studio”

“You can use the Design Studio to experiment with different bracelet designs and paint with light to create anything from simple color patterns to cool animations. Gemio helps you learn design skills and share your creations with friends.”