Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge: Top Pros and Cons
Overall value
Top Pros
  • Design - The Edge
  • Performance - Octa core and RAM
  • High-resolution - Display + Cameras
Top Cons
  • Irreplaceable battery
  • No MicroSD slot
  • Very high price
4.6Overall Score
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Samsung Galaxy S6 edge is, no doubt, one of the master piece produced by Samsung mobiles. However, the phone has a number of cons as well. Here are the top Pros and Cons of this phone.

Top 5 Pros

1. Very high-resolution display (1440 x 2560 pixels)

2. Very high pixel density screen, over 430ppi (577 ppi)

3. High-resolution camera best suited for Selfies and Video calls (16 MP back and 5MP Front end )

4. 8-core processor ( Fast multi-tasking)

5. Lots of RAM, enough for playing Games and high resolutionvideos  (3 GB)

Top 5 Cons

1.  No microSD slot

2. The battery is not replaceable

3. Very High price tag

4. No Built-in FM Radio

5. Not resistant to water