Like other developed countries Japan is also facing the problem of limited parking places especially in more congested   cities. In a recent video on YouTube it has been showed that Japan has introduced a new parking method for bicycles parking, which is quite impressive and innovative.  This parking place can hold thousands of bikes and reduce the problem up to certain limits.

But what if there are no bikes at all and the people can move with a much easier and advanced way; there will be no parking space required.  And this is what the “WalkCar” is all about. Created by Kuniako Saito, the WalkCar is a Skateboard made form aluminium.

dezeen1Photo: Dezeen

Here are the top 5 amazing features of this device.

1.Compact size ( Almost the size of a laptop)

2. Chargeable ( Charging takes up to 3 hours)

3. Easy to use and control

4. Top speed up to 10 kilometres per hour.

5. Can bear load up to 120 Kg

The Shipment is expected in spring 2016 with an initial price tag of 100,000 Japanese Yen (approx.  $800 USD).