touchject3Touchjet WAVE Technology will turn your TV into a big giant smart TV or tablet.  You can run now any app on your TV, Just download and run its APP. With Touchjet WAVE technology people can play games, stream movies, browse web, can work interactively, share images to the TV and also it is remotely controlled from your mobile. But can this technology put pressure on the smart TV and projectors industries. touch2

The Touchjet Wave has a 2.0GHz quad-core ARM 9 Cortext A9 processor with a 1GB RAM and 8GB of storage. It has multi-touch support and this support is of for up to four points simultaneously.

So how it works 

“The WAVE uses bleeding edge infrared technology to track finger movements and taps across the screen. The data is sent to the WAVE’s LPU (Light processing Unit) which translates these infrared inputs into gestures and taps that the Android system can understand.”

Features and Installation


What comes in the BOX, Place your orders here: Touchjet WAVE 

what is in the box

Images credit: Touchjet